How do I complete the integration with e-conomic (with Project and Time Module)?

If you have created an Intempus account, but did not have your e-conomic login credentials handy when you registered (for example if you downloaded the app on your phone), you have to complete the integration in Intempus Administration before it can run properly.

1. Login to Intempus Administration. You will find the login credentials in the e-mail you received from Intempus when you signed up. 

2. You should be automatically redirected to the integration page. If not, click "settings" in the top right corner, and choose "integration" in the drop-down menu.

3. Now, click the link "please click to set up integration rules". This will take you to a page where you will be able to enter your e-conomic login information (agreement number, username, and password). When you have done so, you will be prompted to enter (1) Project group for projects with customer; (2) Project group for projects without customer; and (3) Customer group for new customers. Your choice in these drop-down menus decides which project and customer groups new projects and customers created in Intempus will belong to.

4. The integration with e-conomic is complete! If all settings are complete, the exclamation mark in the top right corner will disappear, and you can access all your projects, customers, employees, and employee groups from e-conomic in Intempus. Your employees can now start using the app to track time.

If you are still having problems with the integration (the exclamation mark does not disappear), go to "settings" and choose "integration" for more information. Your are also more than welcome to contact the Intempus Support team, and we will help you!

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