Quick Guide: Setting up Intempus with e-conomic integration (Project and Time Module)

If you have activated the module "Project and Time" in e-conomic, setting up Intempus with e-conomic integration is very simple, since all your existing employees, customers, and projects will automatically be imported to Intempus. 

Step 1 – Sign up

Go to our website www.intempus.eu and click “Try Intempus”

Fill in the form, tick the box “Integrate with e-conomic” and click “Sign up”

You will now be prompted to enter your e-conomic login information. Next, you will be asked to choose the employee that should have the administrator login. If you wish, you may also create a new employee.

Finally, in order to be able to create new projects and customers in Intempus Admin and App, you will need to enter (1) Project group for projects with customer; (2) Project group for projects without customer; and (3) Customer group for new customers. Your choices in these drop-down menus decide which project and customer groups new projects and customers created in Intempus will belong to.

The integration is now up and running, and all your projects, customers, and employees from e-conomic are available in Intempus!

Step 2 – Setting up Intempus to fit your workflow

In Intempus Administration, click “Settings” and then “Employee groups”. This is where you can select which activities will be available to which employee group.

From the get-go, all your existing activities in e-conomic will be available in the app. The employee groups contain all the activities that an employee can report via the app. By dragging and dropping activity groups (blue) and activities (green), you can change the options employees have in the app. When employees report an activity in the app, they first select an activity group, after which they choose among the activities available in that group.

When you create the Intempus account, all activities will be available to all employee groups, collected under an activity group called “[name of employee group] activities”. In order to make it easier for your employees to track hours, it is a good idea to add some more activity groups and sort activities under the right group. For example, you may want to have an activity group called “1. Project related work”, another called “2. Non-project related work”, and a third called “3. Absence”.

Step 3 – Download Intempus App

If you have not already downloaded the app, you can do so in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Step 4 – Assigning usernames and passwords

All your existing employees will automatically be assigned a username in Intempus. However, in order for them to be able to login to the app, they need to be assigned a password.

In Intempus Administration, click “Employees” and then click on the employee to whom you wish to assign a password. Next, under the tab “Employee profile”, click “edit”. Granted that the employee is a time logger in e-conomic, you can either (1) send a password by e-mail, or (2) enter a new password. The employee can change his or her password in the app after the first login.

Step 5 – All done!

Congratulations, Intempus should now be set up and ready to use! If you need help, you are more than welcome to contact us.

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