Create/edit activity

To create an activity, drag and drop "New activity" to an employee group. You now have to give the activity a name, as well as make some other settings (see below). NB!: If you have integration with e-conomic Project and Time, the activity must correspond to an activity in e-conomic. In the drop-down menu, you can choose between your activities in e-conomic. If the activity is not already in e-conomic, you first have to create one there. Instructions for this procedure can be found here.

Enter time interval: Tick this box if the employees should enter a start and end time when they report this activity in the app. If the box is not ticked, employees simply enter the number of hours worked.

Unit: Governs the unit of the activity, e.g. hours, kilometers, £ etc.

Unit price: Governs the price of each unit.

Factor: Governs what factor entries will be multiplied with. The default is set to 1. Example: If you set the factor to 1.5, all entries are multiplied with 1.5, so if an employee reports one hour, and the unit price is set to £10, the price will be 10 x 1.5 = 150.

Active: If this box is ticked employees can see and report the activity in the app. If for any reason you do not want employees to be able to report the activity, but do not want to delete it, do not tick this box

Standard project: If the activity belongs to an activity group that is not project related, you need to choose a standard project that the activity will be tied to. If not, leave this field empty.

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