How does Intempus work?

Intempus Time Tracking is comprised of two main components: Intempus App and Intempus Administration.

The app is the users’ tool for tracking time on their smartphone or tablet, while Intempus Admin is a web interface used by the administrator. This is where time reports are approved, and new users, customers and projects created.

The app is currently available for Android and iPhone and is supported by Android version 3.0 (2011) and iOS version 7.0 (2013). While the app is primarily developed for smartphones, it is also fully functional on tablets. Users without access to a smartphone or tablet supported by the app can use the Intempus Web App to track time (Danish only). It can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

When an employee uses the app to track hours, mileage, suppliments etc., the information is instantly available in Intempus Administration, where the administrator can see, edit, or delete the report. For more help on using Intempus, see the other sections on the support page.

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