Grid settings

Intempus Administration allows you to choose what and how information about your projects, employees, customers, reports and approvals will be presented. You can save settings, allowing you to effortlessly switch between different presets. Moreover, the data presented in different presets can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

To choose what data should be presented in the grids in the different sections (Projects, Employees, Customers, Reports, and Approval), click the button depicting three columns ("Choose columns") in the top right of the grid and choose the columns you wish to include. NB!: Depending on how many columns that are currently in the list, you me need to scroll all the way to the right in order to see the buttons for grid settings.

To save a grid preset, edit the grid until you are satisfied and click the cog ("Select and/or edit grid presets). Next, click "Save new preset", give the preset a name, and click "Create".

You can find your new grid preset by clicking the cog and choose the preset in the list "My presets". To reset the grid to the default setting, click the cog and then "Reset grid to default settings".

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